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Comfortable Studying and Living Conditions

Foreign Student Apartment of HIT can support 1-2 people in each room which is equipped with a separate washing room (water connected, 24 hours), telephone, reading lamp, TV set, internet connection and furniture such as chair, desk, bookshelf and a separate bed. In the apartment there is a studying room, a small conference room, a supermarket and a laundry room. International students can enjoy the facilities of the library and gymnasium as well as the dining hall. A bank, supermarket, hospital, bookstore, post office and photograph shop which make life very convenient are all located on the campus.

International Student Center runs a number of supplementary extracurricular classes on HSK tutorship, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese Art Appreciation, Chinese Culture Lecture, traveling and so on.

The Dining Halls

Among Chinese Universities, HIT enjoys great fame for its dining halls among other things, which have been awarded consecutively by the Ministry of Education' Best Dining Halls'.In Spring 1997, the HITStudentDiningCenter was put into use, with an area of 11000 squared meters and 2360 seats, including Dining Hall No. 1, No. 2, the Muslim Dining Hall, Convenience Cafeteria, Self-Service Cafeteria, and the Relish Cafeteria.In March 2002, another new dining hall building was completed with 18000 square meters of floor coverage, 3000 seats, and advanced facilities: the escalator from the first floor through third floor, modernized kitchen, imported rice assembly line, the card operated cashier machine, and the thoroughly sterilized dishes and plates.

Besides, according to the demands of different student customers, various kinds of dining halls are offered: the Relish Cafeteria offer Cantonese, Shichuan, and Shandong dishes; the Self-Service Cafeteria gives you enough freedom of choice with the big tray; the Gown and Home Cafeteria makes you feel at home with restaurant service; and at the Feature Dining Hall, you can have a pretty good meal with an average of less than 2 yuan.The endless pursuit of the Dining Hall workers lies in the satisfaction of the students and their determination to always surpass yesterday.

The libraries

HIT has two modernized libraries with a floor-coverage of 41,000 square meters.

The libraries host a collection of 1,750,000 books, 5000 periodicals, and 200,000 microfiches, tapes, and other non-print documents, forming a multi-disciplinary and multi-media-form library system.All the documents are open to the students, and the library accommodates 4000 seats with computerized management.

In recent years, with the development and application of new technologies in computer, multimedia, communications, and the Internet, the information acquiring and servicing rendering in the library have been greatly enhanced.

The library has an echelon of professional librarians, with sound structure and very strong research and managing ability, which help the library itself to incessantly improve and serve further reform and development of the institute.

Sports Facilities

The HIT Gym is a modern building embodying great artistic beauty, composed of a tidy gymnastics hall, a fully equipped competition hall, and a spacious body-building hall.The competition hall has a coverage of 6300 squared meters and can accommodate 2800 people.The stands are equipped with red, orange, blue, and green seats of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is conducive to the spectators?enthusiasm.The hall also has a huge TV screen and a color electronic score display opposite it, which can display various languages, fonts, and images.The hall is good for the training and competition of various international and domestic games of single events: basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, handball, gymnastics, and indoor soccer.The gym has hosted the National Graduate Students Badminton Competition, the National High School Basketball Games, China Basketball Association Series B Events, the Ellison Cup Table Tennis Games, and the 2001 World Women's Volleyball Grand Prix.

In addition, HIT also has large areas of outdoor sports facilities: two field and track stadiums, 13 basketball courts, 10 volleyball courts, and three soccer fields.During the winter, ice rinks for speed and figure skating and ice hockey fields are available, while in the summer, two swimming pools are open.

Stadium of international standard
HIT has recently built a new stadium, which is by far the largest in area among Chinese universities, with more than 10000 seats, designed and constructed according to the latest standard provided by the Technique Committee of the International Field and Track Association.The stadium holds standard plastic racetracks and standard competition fields.The plan of the stadium is in the shape of an olive leaf, which is unique in the field of architecture in China.In order to make it multi-functional, the designers added 4000 sqare meters of auxiliary training halls under the stands for winter use.

Psychological Consulting Center
Psychological Consulting Center of Harbin Institute of Technology was established in 1992. The center provides services of consultancy, instruction and education on mental health. The floor area of the center is over 180 square meters

The center on Campus one is located in Room 401,402 and 403 of Center of Students Union

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