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The international student centre at the 13th seminar on teaching Chinese as a foreign language


On December 22, 512 room in the center of the students held seminars on teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and 13 to Harbin institute of technology, director of the center for international students Gu Jianzheng speech at the meeting, deputy director of the Chinese institute of humanities Chen Xihui attended the meeting. Of more than 40 teachers, students center the CET teachers participate in discussion of the communication and the project team. In 2013, every Chinese training center for students actively carry out cooperation teaching faculty research, a total of 17 paper completed, CET project team to finish three papers. 20 papers were closely around the practice of teaching Chinese as a foreign language study, the content including the language skills of study, different class type teaching mode, interactive study, students' learning strategies, and multivariate culture against the background of teaching and teaching reflection, etc. Communicate the papers in the morning, five group leader, in turn 12 teachers representatives spoke, introduced their research contents and achievements of the all participants listened attentively. In the afternoon, each packet exchange, combined with the

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