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Chinese international students center held the fall semester students graduation ceremony


On the morning of December 20, Chinese students center for the 2013 fall semester students held a graduation ceremony, students presented certificates and prizes for the full frequently at the same time. Assistant director of the center for international students, Chinese language training department minister Yang Yi, unfairness leader Yang ying, Chinese as a foreign language teacher, and more than 200 foreign students attended the graduation ceremony.

Graduation ceremony presided over by bisc Chen Daqing teacher. Graduation ceremony first announced by the assistant director of the center for international students Yang Yi teacher "about granting katja 215 students such as graduation decision", for after graduation student representative to issue the certificate. Yang ying teacher to obtain full frequently students on behalf of the certificate and bonus. 2013 fall semester, students center specially made for them a cycle wonderful video review,With everyone again savour the moment of that time. Look at these wonderful pictures with everyone, but also reminded them many good memories. Fall semester in the process of learning Chinese, they through a lot together, study, activities, life, study in colorful memory. Dream beautiful girl from Thailand students told her of her learning through and feelings, expressed her gratitude and regret, of Harbin institute of technology from Russia Ralph classmates about his ways to learn Chinese, also expressed his thanks to the teacher.Their simple words, true feelings show, won everyone's applause. FuQiuTing addressed on behalf of the student center of Chinese teacher, encourage everyone to Chinese learning, not slack, and hope that we can continue to study in our school next term. Director Yang Yi teacher's speech, the ceremony to a climax, her anticipation, for the students to the requirement of the students, for students of every word expressed her deep love of students and, at the same time also won the students burst of applause.

Time like water in a hurry, the center of the foreign students Chinese students is also a batch after batch of alternate with, but constant is our teaching enthusiasm, student in Harbin institute of Chinese language teaching of recognition and appreciation. This semester, a total of more than 350 students in our school to learn Chinese, although they have different color of skin, there exists cultural difference, but came here for the same purpose. They know China here, has become China's friends, become the ties of sino-foreign cultural exchanges, as well as the process of internationalization of Harbin institute of writing has a pen.

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